Book : Know About Rahu & Ketu

The Rahu and Ketu relate to the lunar nodes. The nodes are only planet which are a direct result of the relationship between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The aim of this book is to give a detailed analysis of the lunar nodes. The author has tried to get into the aspect of the nodes in terms of their significators, rulership, aspect and timing of the events. Also the author has dealt with the association, combination, transits and the Yogas which result due to the nodes. He has tried to comprehensively deal with all the aspects with respect to Rahu and Ketu including propitiation for them.

Rahu and Ketu are dreaded though they are two nodes of the Moon. The axis, there placement, depositors and Yogas are important and influence our actions. This book dwells into various aspects of the two planets that have been researched and analyzed. This book tells about the two Karmic Planets and both the students as well as those pursuing astrology will find it useful.

Author: Dr. Shanker Adawal
Category: Occult Science
Rs 300.00

Sagar Publications

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